Frequently Asked Questions


What is Social 7s?

Social 7s is Softball Australia’s new slowpitch version of softball that is fast, fun and easy to play, with 7 players on each team.

About Social 7s

Where and when can I play?

Social 7s is available in a number of locations and at different times of the day and week.

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How many players are on a team?

Each Social 7s team has seven players involved in the game at any one time, however each team can have more than seven players and make substitutions throughout the game. A team can register up to 13 players on its list during the season. The rules of Social 7s have been designed so that if your team doesn’t have seven players, they can still play without penalty.

How do I register a team?

Registering your team is easy – just head to the Register to Play page, select your venue and complete the Registration Form to enter your team into a competition.

Can I join on my own?

Yes, you can register as an individual or with a small group of friends. Go to the Register to Play page, select your venue, click on the Register link, choose register to play as an individual and then complete the registration form.

How much does it cost to play?

The cost to play Social 7s is $70 per team per game, or if you register as an individual, $10 per game. Prices can vary slightly due to local variable costs.

What is the standard of competition?

The standard varies as the emphasis is on providing a social game that is fast, fun and easy to play. Please feel free to enquire at your preferred venue for more specific information about the standard of that particular competition.

What equipment is required?

Your team will require a fielding glove for each member of your team, a bat and a set of matching colour shirts. If your team doesn’t have matching colour shirts, you can purchase Social 7s reversible vests from the Social 7s Shop (check with your competition coordinator as they may provide these items for the competition).

Are participants covered for insurance?

Yes, all participants are covered under Softball Australia’s Insurance Policy. It is extremely important that all participants are registered through the Social 7s website to ensure the insurance coverage extends to them.

What are the rules of Social 7s?

The rules of Social 7s are easy to understand. There is an abbreviated version, to provide players with an overview of the main rules of the game, and a full version available.

Social 7s – Abbreviated Rules – May 2015 Update

Social 7s Playing Rules – May 2015 Update