Social 7s
Fast, Fun and Easy to Play!

What is Social 7s?

Softball Australia’s new slowpitch version of softball that is fast, fun and easy to play, with 7 players on each team.

  • Teams only require seven players
  • Every player bats each inning
  • Ball is pitched slower, leading to more hits and fielding
  • High scoring – every base gained is a run
  • A new pitcher each inning
  • A Strike Zone Mat is used – if the pitch lands on the mat, it is a strike
  • No umpire required – a Game Coordinator is responsible for scoring and adjudicating on close plays


Get Fit and Healthy

  • Plenty of action to keep everyone involved
  • Everyone bats each inning
  • Slower pitching means more hits

Easy to Play

  • Easy to learn rules
  • Easy to sign-up and play – you’ll be hitting the ball in no time

Short Duration

  • Games completed in under an hour
  • Flexibility to choose when you play

Fun and Social

  • Emphasis on fun
  • Great for all abilities
  • Mixed gender competitions available

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