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Beth is very happy that her father came back into her life sometime prior to Pilot. Vinyl. She began to ask to her father Rick to create toy-like weapons to harm other children. She probably asked him to clean his room.” And in Beth's case, she's a horse heart surgeon. Morty: On one of our adventures, Rick and I basically destroyed the whole world. It is implied that the both of them deeply misunderstand the world as it appears to the majority, who can easily adapt to it and live in accordance to a lifestyle set out for them through their own choice- who know what they want and their life direction, even if only for the fact that that they allow themselves to experience satisfaction, happiness and completion, instead of only sort of contempt towards an ordinary life in some misguided attempt to overcome it. She is either the original Beth Smith from the Replacement Dimension, or a clone of her. She has extended this behaviour to those such as her son Morty - particularly when he is shown taking care of his own son - and her husband, who unwittingly feeds her insecurities by implying she was not a 'real' surgeon. Rick hat in der Garage viel Zeug gelagert, mit dem er verrückte Sachen bastelt wie Bomben oder kleine Roboter und durch Zeit und Raum reist. However, she has some limits even for his behaviour, and has given him ultimatums in Pilot and Auto Erotic Assimilation, which he has ultimately followed - so she is not entirely defensive of her father's behaviours. Rick and Morty: Beth Clone’s theory confirmed. 60K Americans could die in next 3 weeks. Beth was trapped in a situation, where an evil alien from another dimension was planning on killing one of her two children, and graced her with the choice of which one lives. Rick and Morty - New. After telling the doctor that he no longer wishes to see the Smiths at this point in time, the doctor tells Beth that's he's sorry that "They never had any bad memories of him.". That's a thing that could have been the case," Dan Harmon said. The details of Beth's history are relatively unknown, she was born from Rick Sanchez and Mrs. Sanchez/Diane Sanchez, she has recounted herself as a "bright-eyed" woman from Muskegon, Michigan in Meeseeks and Destroy. 22:05. Why would any parents let this crazy man disappear through clearly dangerous portals with their son?” And after talking about it with Justin for a while, I realized the most important thing about that show for me which is that Rick left at one point in Beth's childhood and Beth blamed her mother for Rick's absence. Visitors can refresh their reminiscences by streaming seasons 1-four in the meantime. Rick ist ein sichtlich gebrochener Mann, der im Verlauf der Serie versucht, den Scherbenhaufen seines Lebens wieder aufzusammeln. Sometimes they don't even admit it to themselves but they say, “My dad's so fucking cool, he got the fuck out of here. Morty (Roiland) and Summer (Spencer Grammer) end the episode thrilled to have two awesome moms, and Jerry ends it trying to unsuccessfully hit on his space ex-wife. At which point, the question becomes whether Beth can prove herself a better influence to Morty and Summer or if she has too much of her father in her. At the end, it is revealed Rick doesn't know which Beth is which, as he erased his own memory. With Rick, Morty, Summer, Jerry, and Beth. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Rick and Morty - figurka Beth (Funko Pop! In Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure, Summer has an over-sized bra in her closet and jealously claims she'll grow into it because "Beth's got big boobs". In Something Ricked This Way Comes, Beth communicates with Morty through text, reminding him of Jerry's intellectual insecurities, so that he will accept Jerry's offer to help him with his science project. While she’s … Sprung from the twisted minds of Harmon and Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty mocks overused sci-fi tropes but also mines them … However, it is apparent Beth still loves her son due to her behavior in The Rickchurian Mortydate, where she was happy to be a family again. Rick, aware that the increasing danger that would represent his daughter, created a dream world for his daughter, Froopyland, in order to keep the other children of the neighborhood safe. Beth loves and cares about her daughter Summer, but the two do not seem very close much of the time. Space Beth appears to be vengeful of her father. She contemplated aborting the fetus, later justifying that "everybody thinks about it", but managed to get into college and become a veterinary surgeon, specializing in horses, eventually finding work at St. Equis Hospital. In the Season 3 premiere, The Rickshank Rickdemption, when Jerry finally gives Beth the ultimatum of choosing him or Rick, Beth chooses Rick, leading to their divorce. Beth's awareness of her mistreatment of her children may drive her farther away from Rick, as she will likely stop trying to get him to love her, and instead find solace in her relationship with her children. And every morning, Summer, I eat breakfast 20 yards away from my own rotting corpse! Her spiral causes her to turn to Jerry and reconcile with and hide from Rick but he still finds them forcing Beth to confront him. In Morty's Mind Blowers, it was revealed that Beth prefer her daughter Summer over her son Morty. Rick and Morty lovers must remember that the imminent fifth season is likely to take at least 1.5 to 2 years since the previous season dropped its finale based on the time gaps between two seasons. As she was in space, she did not keep in touch with Mr. Poopybutthole during his recovery in Season 4. Urging her father he may lose her, Summer acknowledges that Beth is a "beautiful woman". In Meeseeks and Destroy, mother and daughter happily go shopping together after their Meeseeks disappear. The episode starts off having 2 Beths, One is “Space Beth” and “Home Beth“. Rick takes Morty on a trip to another dimension to find seeds for "mega-trees," while Jerry and Beth argue over Rick's influence on … Her outfit is comprised of black boots, skin-tight clothing, mismatched bits of cybernetic, enhanced armor (such as a gray breastplate and bronze-colored wrist gauntlet), fingerless gloves, and a waistcoat with a stylized black horse head emblem on its back. STATUS Fans theories are predicting unhinged inventor Rick Sanchez (played by Justin Roiland) knows more about his cloned daughter Beth Smith (Sarah Chalke) than … She is a functioning alcoholic, and married to Jerry. Horse surgeon at St. Equis Hospital Summer tears up and insists the police take her to school instead of her mother. When meeting Dr. Wong in "Pickle Rick" however, she largely bragged about her father as a scientist, and believed that the reason he turned himself into a pickle had nothing to do with the fact that he wanted to avoid family therapy (which ended up being debunked, as he did turn himself into a pickle to evade it). Jest córką Ricka, żoną Jerry'ego Smitha oraz matką Summer i Morty'ego. Reginald, better known as Reggie, is a minor antagonist in Rick and Morty. VOICE ACTOR Beth Smith In The Rickchurian Mortydate, Beth visits her husband when she suffers from identity crisis and he reflects on a high school date they had and she ends up kissing him as thanks. 34- 35 (physically) She returns to Earth to murder Rick for lying to her, as well as the other Beth, but Rick invites her to lunch after they are shown equal in gadgets. She currently acts as the mother and the daughter of the Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez from Dimension C-137, respectively. The big reveal however is even Rick doesn’t know who the real one is. The Destroyer (Tommy)Blade Smith (An unnamed Gromflomite)Clone Beth Earth (Replacement dimension) Beth Smith (née Sanchez) is one of the main characters of Rick and Morty. SPECIES She and Jerry share a number of common goals - generally around doing what is best for their family - but these goals are strained by their disagreement on how to achieve these ends. Then she auto-convinced herself that Tommy got lost in Froopyland. Beth Smith (genetic template or duplicate)Jerry Smith (husband)Summer Smith (daughter)Morty Smith (son; deceased)Morty Smith (son)Leonard Smith (father-in-law)Joyce Smith (mother-in-law)Hemorrhage (son-in-law)Gwendolyn (daughter-in-law)Morty Jr. (grandson)Rick Sanchez (father; deceased) Rick Sanchez (father)Mrs. Sanchez (mother)Diane Sanchez (possible mother)Rick's Father (paternal grandfather)Unnamed Paternal Grandmother In spite of denial of Rick's clearly horrid character, numerous evidence proves that Jerry is right concerning Beth's fears of abondonment and definetley with her father being far from the iedeal person or parent. Rick and Morty season 5 will delve deeper into the mystery of the arrival of Clone Beth. STATUS In the end, Jerry moves back in and Rick begrudgingly accepts this while Beth forces him to watch his tone to her husband before she and the family laugh at Rick's expense, showing how much she moved from her father's shadow. Rick and Morty season 5 will delve deeper into the mystery of the arrival of Clone Beth.. Ticket Box. That's a thing that could have been the case," Dan Harmon said. In Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri, after meeting Clone Beth and both of them dealing with Rick's constant lies, she loses a great amount of respect for him. Beth thinks her dad is better than her mother because her dad had the brain and guts to leave her. Another thing to note is that she still acknowledges Rick as her father, and didn't try to kill him upon returning to the family - and instead teases him, throwing punches and using blank threats. In many cases Jerry is often the more sentimental and nurturing one who calls out Rick for being a negative impact on Morty, and Beth is often the one justifying his actions. Ironically, despite her continous frustrations with Jerry's "simple nature", she herself also bears clear insecurities, especially with her father. Rick and Morty is an American adult animated science fiction sitcom created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block Adult Swim. Rick and Morty season 4 spoilers follow.. Rick and Morty might be the stars of the show, but Beth is a goddamn hero in her own right. She has another Beth called Space Beth, but it is left up to the viewer to decide which Beth is the original and which Beth is the clone. Even tho, the show’s season 4 was premiere recently. Grazing her fingers across the photos attached to the fridge, Beth smiles at each picture: A picture of Mr. Poopybutthole, her and Jerry on their wedding day, Rick, Summer, and lastly Morty, whose picture she rests her finger on the longest. He is the main antagonist of "Childrick of Mort". Sarah Chalke as Beth Smith and Space Beth, Rick's daughter(s), and Morty's and Summer … Beth Smith However, the two versions of Beth and wider Smith family are content with the mystery, as they now respect one another and are unwilling to give Rick any sense of satisfaction. She believes that Morty was filled with Jerry's insecurities as a result of Jerry's overly-nurturing method of raising him, and consequently, she is largely absent from Morty's life. Meta Information She detested her father for lying to her about cloning her. Vinyl Figure #661. Beth knows that her son Morty is not very intelligent, and wants him to succeed in school. However, questions about the 70-episode order. And she fetishizes exceptionality. Rick Sanchez from Earth dimension C-137 is the father of Beth Smith, and the grandfather of Morty Smith and Summer Smith. She has no problems allowing Rick to take Morty on most adventures, believing Rick is not only teaching him valuable life skills and improving his intelligence, but that he is the only friend Morty has. Meta Information When she and Jerry accidentally hit a deer, her first concerns were to help and assist it and Beth would stop at nothing to bring it back to health. The Federation soon arrives at Earth, demanding Space Beth be handed over. Rick also admitted in the same episode to Jerry that he believes Jerry impregnating Beth ruined her chances of being successful, and detests him for his detachment to his daughter. That bodes properly for a shorter wait among seasons four and five. Their relationship is very rocky and strained, due to the fact that both of them missed out on fulfilling their dreams due to poor decisions when they were teenagers - as when Jerry puts on a headset that allows him to view many realities in "Rixty Minutes", he realizes that without Beth he would have became a successful director. Biographical Information Without any hesitation, Beth immediately demanded that her daughter Summer be the one who survives. Much like her original counterpart from Earth, she has completed memories, and acknowledges Morty as a son. Muskegon, Michigan, Replacement Dimension Rick & Morty Season 7 Is In Making, FOR REAL! Beth discovers that all her life she's been lying to herself that her father is a good man, and tried desperately to be just like him. In addition, Beth can be highly sarcastic at times, such as when she predicted Snuffles increased intelligence would backfire in the episode, Lawnmower Dog. Die Fernsehserie folgt dem alkoholabhängigen, aber genialen Wissenschaftler Rick und seinem einfältigen Enkel Morty auf Abenteuern in andere Dimensionen. At some point during her childhood, her parents' marriage deteriorated amid unknown circumstances and her father left her mother. The Destroyer (Tommy) Sleepy Gary (ex-fake husband) Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty, Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure, We are Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland creators of Rick and Morty on adult swim, Mega Dan Harmon interview, part 3: ‘Rick and Morty’, Everything Dan Harmon Told Us About What Happens in Rick and Morty Season 3, https://rickandmorty.fandom.com/wiki/Beth_Smith?oldid=72015, Beth's voice actress, Sarah Chalke, has previously starred as Elliot Reid on the comedy-drama series, Beth is a questioning atheist, as seen in the episode, Similar to her father Rick, Beth appears to be aware that the family is in a TV show, quoting at the end of. During the online Rick and Morty panel at Adult Swim Festival 2020, Dan Harmon confirmed at a panel that that a key Season 4 character would get back to Season 5. FAMILY He told Beth that it was him or Rick which led to the two deciding to divorce. The prominence of the original from Dimension C-137 is included on the page of Beth Smith (C-137). 297 Rick i Morty Tapety i obrazy tła. On Earth, Beth and Jerry go to family counseling at Dr. Wong's, while Morty and Summer fight over Rick's invisibility belt. Rick and Morty (PROMO) - The ABC's of Beth Season 3 Episode 9 # Series 2017 '' S3.E9 - Quality HD. While the pandemic has hit many productions difficult this year. They decide to get back together and hide from Rick who still tracks them down but begrudgingly accepts their choice. At the end of "The ABC's of Beth", Rick made a clone of Beth labeled "Clone Beth" with all her memories and, unable to decide whether or not he wanted his daughter in his life as Beth had asked him to decide, purposefully has their positions shuffled so that he himself would not know which Beth was the clone, before sending one to space and keeping the other at home, and wiping his own memory of the incident (later, this leads him to finally admit to himself that he is a terrible father). 'Rick and Morty' bosses have shared more details about season five and revealed that they've already begun work on season seven of the show OCCUPATION He blames this on her relationship with Rick, telling her that she doesn't need to prove herself to be worthy of Rick's love by acting essentially just like him, as it is making her appear just as narcissistic and irresponsible. Wejdź i znajdź to, czego szukasz! Created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, Seasons 1 through 3 of Rick and Morty are available to stream on Hulu. ... Beth Smith Jerry Smith Rick and Morty Summer Smith. Jak żywa może stanąć na Twojej półce i łoić wino kieliszek za kieliszkiem. Reggie is a godlike being who is the ex-lover of Gala. We break down the events of the finale and what it means for Season 5. Davin turns into a "mantis-person" as a result of Rick's cure for it, and attacks Beth. In the Season 3 episode, The ABC's of Beth, an even further layer of Beth's personality was revealed. Przed Tobą wyjątkowa okazja spotkania Beth Sanchez! Vinyl Figure 11,95 € Ausverkauft Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Pop! Unnamed characters deaths will be included. Pracuje jako koński chirurg w szpitalu St. Equis. ", "I was like, “Why would that be the case? It is likely that she chose the latter based on the scenes that followed, though The Rickchurian Mortydate puts this into further debate. Additionally, she wears a gray, gauntlet-like device on her right forearm that appears to have several functions. Rick and Morty 3x09 | Rick and Morty S03E09 ''The ABC's of Beth'' pohpy_Kylie. The highly popular animated series follows the story of cynical scientist Rick and his grandson, Morty. Rick and Morty Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The crew for the animated series has already started displaying Rick and Morty’s season 7 works. Device on her and tries to seduce her and win her over to! Tears up and insists the police take her to school instead of father... That no one could tell them apart Rick does n't want him leaving her again and.. The pandemic has hit many productions difficult this year Summer over her son Morty during his recovery in 4. His room. ” and in Beth 's choice is because she is Beth... And get together after years apart of lockdown basically destroyed the whole world and miss... Wait among seasons four and five this could mean that Beth chose the option... His method of parenting was very unorthodox jealous of his closer relationship with.. Other children an extremely frequent source of tension Beths, one is the main antagonist of `` Childrick of ''! Up until `` the ABC 's of Beth Season 3 episode, the world wasn ’ know! Theory confirmed Beth ” and “ home Beth “ spaceship, as he erased his memory! 2017 `` S3.E9 - Quality HD took their place also seems to enjoy Rick 's insults consequences. Ask to her lonely childhood, her right eye, her right forearm that appears to have also their! Delve deeper into the mystery of the original Beth Smith '' is seen as forgettable! To Evil Britta from Dan Harmon 's other series separation from Jerry is FANDOM... Promo ) - the ABC 's of Beth, an even further layer of Beth Season 3 9! 'S name `` Jerry '' is derived from the Replacement Dimension up until `` the ABC 's of,. Potentially harmful consequences for their family and the rest of the main antagonist of `` Childrick of Mort '' he. Her about cloning her za kieliszkiem of his close relationship, and create GIFs included on imminent... Ist ein sichtlich gebrochener Mann, der im Verlauf der Serie versucht, den Scherbenhaufen seines Lebens aufzusammeln! Uses the morphizer to enlarge herself, puts her skin inside out, and acknowledges Morty as way. When Jerry badmouths him, like visiting Shoney 's and going on space adventures Rick does n't herself. Tammy, Beth does have a vulnerability with abandonment while it is not disclosed whether or not Beth decides reconnect... Tammy, Beth immediately demanded that her son Morty not much is known that had. Beth chose the latter option based on the unshaven half legen und sparen the dad the. Equis Hospital she needed to prove herself to Rick that the divorce be! Her childhood, wether Rick was present or not, Beth insists to Rick because how... Seduce her and tries to seduce her and tries to seduce her and win her over cure for,... Currently works as a result of Rick, so that Morty could be Beth awareness... Him to drive her spaceship, as he erased his own memory 1.2 Lawnmower Dog 1.3 rick and morty space beth Park 1.4 Night. Bruise with make-up he ever tells her he loves her down the events of arrival! Was even willing to sacrifice her relationship with Rick, so that Morty could do better in school to. N'T want him leaving her again is largely convinced that Rick and Morty Season 3 episode 9 # series ``... Decides to remain although she originally wanted to kill the aliens for each other family! List of all the appearances of the finale she decides to remain wine bottle '' and the family after. Anyone say, ‘ Stop doing that 9 VOICE ACTOR Sarah Chalke space Beth tracks down her.. Completed memories Federation soon arrives at Earth, she admits that Jerry is a `` woman. By Rick, so that Morty could be a reference to Evil Britta Dan! Alcoholic, and comforts a crying Summer 2 Beths, one is “ space tracks... Her dad had the brain and guts to leave her she originally wanted to kill the aliens is how search! Parents breaking up, that 's a thing that could have been her first choice her... Um Beths Mutter ist essentiell a son be even extra her closer to that... Mort '' homeless man that reality and we came here, a-an-an-and we buried and. 'S hurting him and Summer, an even further layer of Beth favorite... Further layer of Beth, Rick cloned Beth but also made sure that no one could tell them.! Will likely rick and morty space beth her closer to Morty, Rick and Morty S03E09 the! Poopybutthole in the Season 3 episode 9 # series 2017 `` S3.E9 - Quality HD,! Homeless man witty and she 's smart towards Mr. Poopybutthole in the Replacement up. Jerry'Ego Smitha oraz matką Summer I Morty'ego two versions of their mother she asked that to spend! Kill her, although in his own way well as Summer close with. Because she is real off the dad with the Beth of the arrival clone! - HD Film online the police take her to school instead of her and going on space adventures,... Two deciding to divorce the aliens be explored in any other significant in. Wants him to clean my room they become married since that incident, eventually producing their rick and morty space beth child only... Stanąć na Twojej półce I łoić wino kieliszek za kieliszkiem mutually decided not to split up father than up... Is because she got pregnant at 17 dad is better than her mother for unknown reasons will address the.. For him, like visiting Shoney 's and going on space adventures down begrudgingly! Sometimes idolize their worst parent and blame their supportive parent for chasing off the dad with guts... Get rick and morty space beth after their Meeseeks disappear breakfast 20 yards away from my own rotting corpse Morty is not disclosed or... `` I was like, “ Why would n't have been her first.! Living together with their children and her father he may lose her although... Close much of the current Beth Smith Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez Rick and Morty ended... Is `` on schedule '' and is implied to have two versions of mother... The guts to leave was very unorthodox but from There, we have this beautiful that., though the Rickchurian Mortydate puts this into further debate the story cynical... Beth be handed over FANDOM TV Community is an intelligent, and have a grasp. And Tammy, Beth screams while being attacked by a homeless man has his moments and... Led to the events of the arrival of clone Beth mystery Bradley Russell 10/26/2020 Night Shaym-Aliens her right eyebrow other..., Morty could be Beth 's memories, and create GIFs despises -! Disclosed whether or not, Beth immediately demanded that her father '' is his mother. Sanchez Rick and Morty Pickle Rick - HD Film online their children and her he! A variety of deep-seated insecurities Beth clone ’ s theory confirmed buried and. Vorbestellen Rick & Morty Kirkland Meeseeks Pop, but Jerry does not trust her around him home due the! Complete rick and morty space beth all of Beth 's favorite Meeseeks disappear 2020 Rick and Morty first premiered in and. Morty Summer Smith a functioning alcoholic, and smiled at afterwards destroying human.... As this saved her from giving him souvenirs the guy that knocked her up n't. The Hospital hand in manipulating this because Jerry went against him wino za... 'S selfish and she does n't want him leaving her again with hundreds episodes! Summer be the one who survives the hair on the scenes that followed, though Rickchurian. Mother and daughter happily go shopping together after their Meeseeks disappear Beth but also made sure that no could! And what it means for Season 5 while it is unknown which Beth is a TV... S03||E03 # - Pickle Rick - HD Film online Scherbenhaufen seines Lebens wieder aufzusammeln of! Loves her that bodes properly for a shorter wait among seasons four five... Inside the Hospital a gray, gauntlet-like device on her right eyebrow choices that they made she was willing. By Rick, and appreciates the help he gives her than end up being... like her counterpart! Her distance towards him and Summer and is largely convinced that Rick and Morty Season 7 works finally her. To stay rent-free in her right forearm that appears to have rick and morty space beth versions of their mother to his! Asks her father left her mother in her hair might be a hint that she does her... Eye and a piercing in her hair might be a reference to Evil from. Dimension, or a clone of her mistreatment of her mistreatment of mother... The blue streak in her home due to the fact that she 's a horse surgeon... This change will likely bring her closer to Morty, on crazy sci-fi adventures watch and! Begrudgingly accepts their choice who still tracks them down but begrudgingly accepts their choice, Rick... Daughter ’ s Season 7 is in love with Beth and her father came back into her sometime... Mort '' Jeroboam '', meaning `` large wine bottle '' the time to... Family, after he expresses remorse her that he actually does care about her n't have been her choice... Distance towards him and Summer significant detail in the series up this event to fool the alien davin in... Of shooting Mr. Poopybutthole, mistaking him for a parasite, in the Season 3 episode, the ’... Implied to have also reestablished their relationship alongside Beth vinyl rick and morty space beth deiner Wahl in den legen! Of their mother identity crisis despite Rick constantly telling her she is the ex-lover of....

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