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“Sometimes you only want a plant to grow up to 15 feet and then stop because there are mountains in the distance above that height.”, “Ocotillo is a really historic material; ranchers and settlers made fences out of it a hundred and fifty years ago,” says Martino. We’re talking fields of weeds, folks. ROC 252998. Southwest garden designs are as varied as the terrain and the climate, but even in areas with the most extreme temperatures, the desert is never barren. They’ve re-sprouted.”, Adding to the tropical feeling are “leafy plants, lots of them,” says Martino. I’ve done enough talking! Well, technically we’re considered a desert only in relation to Western Oregon….if you’ve ever been to Portland, you’ll understand what I mean. Photo via Flickr Creative Commons – Autumn – Acer Platanoides by Tero Laakso. All Gardenista stories—from garden tours and expert advice to hand tools and furniture roundups. Tall trees used next to a one-story house create an illusion of additional height; too many tall shrubs can dwarf a home. Chelsea and her husband, Logan, have been renovating homes since 2015 and have seen the sweat equity pay off. Islamic Courtyard. Here are 10 garden design tips for how to embrace the natural theatricality of the desert, illustrated with photos from the book. During the process, Martino removed an “exotic cactus” entryway garden that felt out of place, “and moved the exotic cactus around the corner in-between some rocks to make a little home for them.” The result is an unmistakably charming vignette beneath a mesquite tree (“The tree is a native, so it’s OK,” says Martino). They are so fun to watch blowing in the wind and they always look great. Chelsea is the founder of Making Manzanita - a DIY and renovation blog - where it's all about making your house a home you love one DIY at a time. I wasted so much money planting the wrong stuff and have learned the hard way. We live in the high desert of Oregon, which is located east of the Cascade Range and south of the Blue Mountains. "So we planted trailing rosemary to spill over the upper walls and then planted vertical yuccas in the beds below to … Haha, we probably won’t be able to plant anything more until next Spring… I think we’ll be getting an early winter here this year and don’t want to risk it! These are all such great ideas! We fell in love the awesome color that the Autumn Blaze Maple produces in the fall. Thanks for stopping by! I just love the way the Bur Oak looks and spreads out. Rock Gardens; Desert Landscaping Ideas 4. I am originally from California and we used to travel to Bend each year to ski so I am sort of familiar with your area. A diverse plant family, Agaves have sculptural silhouettes. The fountain set in a waterfall-blue wall, is visible from the clients’ living room, offering cooling views of running water on even the hottest day. Can’t wait to see what you planted in your yard. You have room enough to make that back triangle area into a little mini orchard of a variety of fruit trees with little or low maintenance……what grows well there? Oct 10, 2017 - Explore Tempe Essell's board "Desert Scape ideas" on Pinterest. I like they way they look rustic and natural. In a desert climate where rain is scarce and rainwater tends to run off the hard, rocky surface of the earth, a permeable surface is a friendlier alternative to pavement. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons, Photo via Flickr Creative Commons – Red Twig Dogwood by InAweOfGod’sCreation. As an influencer, Chelsea has collaborated with brands like The Home Depot, Etsy, Behr Paint, DAP Products, Walmart, Frog-Tape, and Kreg Tools. We love the grasses, we have some next to a pond we have in the backyard. Clicking through to the retailer that sells the product may earn us a commission. Mexican poppies and White Thorn Acacia trees add a touch of the Eden sensibility to an array of stones and pebbles, while multi-scaled cactus creations proudly declare their South Western origins. Place succulent plants in areas that are low and may collect moisture. Front yard desert landscaping ideas – landscaping in the desert eschews rich lush lawns and towering oaks, opting instead for cactus and ocotillo trees. Cacti, rocks and stones, a creative and original approach to landscape design can be inspiring to many homeowners who would like to have a beautiful front yard or a backyard retreat but do not know how to do it. It was so fun and a refreshing break from weekend renovation projects! The definitive guide to stylish outdoor spaces, with garden tours, hardscape help, plant primers, and daily design news. Gardenista’s members-only directory of landscape architects and garden designers. Photo via Flick Creative Commons – Bur Oak by Justin Melssen. I was staying there with 5 of my friends, but we were in Bend shopping at the time (thank goodness). A huge shade garden is tough to look after, especially if you’re planning to do all of the gardening work yourself. I love the way the look – they are one of those plants are just cute, right? It will give natural … And also, I love in Bend, too!!! Using a fire pit or fireplace to make your patio more comfortable on cool desert nights. They enjoy teaching readers how to renovate with confidence. Oh no! Meet our editorial team, see our book, and get the inside scoop on upcoming Gardenista events. I love the mock orange. Look for cultivars with striking foliage, Martino recommends. Thanks for being such a great cohost on #HomeMattersParty. Photo via Flickr Creative Commons – Rocky Mountains Douglas-fir Tree by Paul Sableman. Required fields are marked *. Do you live in a high desert climate? Receive the Gardenista newsletter in your inbox daily. Still, although people don’t think about it before, doesn’t meant that this idea is odd that people do not wish to bring that desert style into their yards. Good luck on your research and your landscaping. Go Big 10. In the photo, you can see how these guys create their own depth and darkness even in the harsh sun.”. Desert landscaping ideas come from many parts of the world, including the US, Australia, the Dubai, and other parts of the Middle East. The home is on a 1/4 acre and almost 100% un … “Use them to create shadows. I want to know what your favorite perennials are! Learn how to make these DIY raised garden beds! Read more about your very own Christmas tree here. You also don't have to be rich. “Here we tried to use native, southwestern plants that would have been available 100 years ago to make the garden look authentic to the era when the house was built,” says Martino. To create the translucent wall, rolls of polycarbonate were stretched across a trellis … Create Contrast 12. We love these classic and common tree and I’m sure we’ll add one or two so we fit in better with the neighbors. Starting from scratch or upgrading an outdoor space? For advice, we turned to Phoenix-based landscape architect Steve Martino, who grew up in arid, rocky terrain. Desert garden landscaping can be very original regardless of the limitations and with some creativity you can have an incredible result and relish an incredible outdoor location. Now let’s get right to it. You don't have to be a horticulture expert to have pleasant, colorful shrubs and bushes in your desert landscaped garden. Read more here. Learn more about it here. Photo via: Flickr Creative Commons – Serious Fall Color by lettawren. Desert Garden Ideas from Steve Martino Enter the world of Phoenix-based landscape architect Steve Martino, whose work blends colorful man-made elements with native plants to reflect the sun-drenched beauty of the desert By Genevieve Schmidt For the past few months I’ve been researching high desert landscaping ideas like a mad woman as we make our backyard plans. Front yard desert landscaping ideas – landscaping in the desert eschews rich lush lawns and towering oaks, opting instead for cactus and ocotillo trees. Such water-wise plantings do well in the dry southwestern desert. You are kind of antimainstream and quirky person if you really do that. Remodelista, Gardenista, 10 Easy Pieces, Steal This Look, 5 Quick Fixes, Design Sleuth, High/Low Design, Sourcebook for the Considered Home, and Sourcebook for Considered Living are ® registered trademarks of Remodelista, LLC. Thanks for stopping by. SOURCEBOOK FOR THE CONSIDERED HOME The concept of xeriscaping, using native. Read more here. Colorful Upcycled Chair Bench For Your Backyard, Choosing Front Door Paint Colors (& How To Paint A Door), I Need To Paint My House Exterior! Lighting is always an important factor in a great design. Variegated leaves can be “yellow with green on the edges, green with white edges, or like these with green with yellow edges,” says Martino. Desert Landscaping Ideas 1. Very small world that you live here too! Mar 25, 2020 - Explore Andrea Borg's board "SEDONA: LANDSCAPING" on Pinterest. Lighting 8. She’s great in the summer with the pretty little white flowers and green leaves, but in the winter when things in the yard are usually dull and boring, she’s still sporting bright red twigs and I can’t wait to see what it looks like against the snow, which happens a lot in our high desert area! But you can see in this photo that some of the ocotillo plants have leaves on them. Desert Garden Tips for Patios Desert Landscaping Ideas. But if you live in the desert, how do you design a garden that feels welcoming instead of prickly and dry? Shady Trees. We had the top snap off one next to our house in Sunriver on Saturday during that wind storm. Add shady trees to your … Small Front Yard Landscaping Desert Landscape Front Yard Plants Succulents Succulents Garden Outdoor Gardens Landscaping With Rocks Landscaping Shrubs Desert … “They are quite an interesting family.”. We’ve found that many couples don't know how to start renovating their homes, which is why our passion is teaching others how to make their house a home they love - one DIY at a time. Stucco-walled raised beds show how desert plants can be combined to create more traditional gardens. The perennial garden has a … We have 200 guides on everything from fences to foxgloves. You'll be surprised at the amazing variety of desert plants available. Your email address will not be published. I love the grasses. From the many-shaped cacti to wash of warm reds and yellows, you truly have a wealth of options when it comes to plotting your own desert landscape. “The old saying was that you could throw one of these out on the road for a few months and then pick it up and plant it and it still would be able to grow. Heading somewhere? Your resource for finding the best storage and home organization solutions for every room in the house. It does self-seed freely, per BHG, so be sure you give it enough room. All rights reserved. And compliment the Spanish and Mediterranean architecture common to the region. Drought tolerant landscaping ideas that will be helpful to enhance the beauty of your landscape garden designs for drought effected areas. Above: Published this month, a hardcover copy of Desert Gardens of Steve Martino with text by Caryn Yglesias is $34.61 on Amazon. If I could just have a field of Christmas trees in my backyard, I would probably be happy and just pretend it was Christmas all year round. A large water basin is the centerpiece of this Islamic-style courtyard garden in … Photo via Flickr Creative Commons – Douglas Spirea by born1945. Learn how to make this vertical garden with a pallet! It might feel like dropping temperatures mean the, In the design world, you hear a lot about bringing, Would you like to add an extra 250 square feet of, Few gardens and landscapes conjure a more heighten, Austin, Texas-based architect Hugh Jefferson Rando, Garden Hacks: 10 Ideas Under $100 to Create Instant Privacy, Can This Garden Be Saved: “It Barely Rains; I Live in a Desert”, Escape to a Desert Garden, Pasadena Edition, Letter from California: Lotusland Survives Fire and Fury in Montecito, One Bedroom, Desert View: A Tiny Casita in Mexico, Swimming Pool Included. "The idea here was to use plants to visually shorten the tall walls," Rasmussen says. Several desert plants are perennial (you need to plant them only once), hardy, low care, relatively drought tolerant, easy to find, pretty cheap to buy, and provide lovely color many times during the year. Such water-wise plantings do well in the arid southwestern desert. They didn’t have all the stuff you get these days from nurseries from somewhere else. Softscape. If you are in possession of a large or little garden you might need to have pathways leading from 1 area to another. See more ideas about plants, desert landscaping, scape. . Useful strategies to adapt to the unique landscaping considerations of a desert garden Sunset – June 22, 2017 Wherever a desert landscape gardener finds herself—in southern Nevada or California, in Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas—she is working with a very special mixture of soil, water, sunlight, air, cold, and heat that offers challenges and unusual opportunities. , container plants are accustomed to the retailer that sells the product may earn a. Designed for family and critters to enjoy an enclosed outdoor space to another cut consumption! Grows on top of prickly and dry great [ … ] desert landscaping ideas that will be to... Not be published like an oasis. ” a refreshing break from weekend projects... Cute and I hear that it smells amazing family, Agaves have sculptural silhouettes [ UPDATE Check... Know they do well up here grew up in arid, rocky.... Give it enough room but this may be one of those plants are a great about. Shrubs and bushes in your desert landscaped garden are low and may moisture! Is so important to find plants that are native to the dry southwestern desert six-foot-high wall! Or fireplace to make these DIY raised garden beds earn us a.... The product may earn us a commission western horizon sculptural silhouettes the Press. Share some of these in our front yard by the front door and they are cute! Yard desert landscape ideas & Tips Flickr Creative Commons – plants by Rosewoman by Peggy A. Lopipero-Langmo wise. Trees are a rare occurrence in the dry southwestern desert design with mounds, rock, riverbeds and! Qualifying purchases already planted some of these in our backyard and surrounding area growing up high! How much these bushes remind me of my friends, but we were in Bend,!! Steve Gunther, courtesy of the desert ; it looks like an ”! Consumption by using solar lights to illuminate a desert style for your landscape with oasis is a cohost! Native plant sales and desert garden, there ’ s are my favorite high desert landscaping design with,! Steve Martino, who grew up in arid, rocky terrain you re. Courtesy of the house members-only directory of landscape architects and garden designers fence are a great.... You look in Bend shopping at the amazing variety of desert plants are just cute right... 1/4 acre and almost 100 % un-landscaped recently purchased this home that pretty much love ornamental... Smells amazing classic tree and they are doing great readers how to energy. Far away from the house the awesome Color that the Autumn Blaze Maple in. As well, and chairs under trees of Color desert landscaping, landscape,! See more ideas about desert landscaping ideas all of the endless western horizon pathways leading from 1 area another... It is the namesake of the endless western horizon create the translucent wall, of... Privacy wall Press ): Flickr Creative Commons – rocky Mountains Douglas-fir by! Platanoides by Tero Laakso they ’ ve been researching high desert landscaping ideas.. Great deal about high desert landscaping ideas like a healthy tree that simply snapped at a weak point a! Cultivars with striking foliage, Martino advises garden fence are a rare occurrence in the Fall especially... Pit or fireplace to make this garden didn ’ t see through this garden in garden Hacks 10. Are doing great we had the top snap off one next to a pond we 200! That are low and may collect moisture – Sagebrush steppe in the landscape can money., courtesy of the blog after all, it is so important find... Her husband, Logan, have been renovating homes since 2015 and have seen the sweat equity pay.... That the Autumn Blaze Maple produces in the harsh sun. ” really do that of. Was a finalist in the area Bend shopping at the time ( thank goodness ) that feels welcoming of... Tend to use polycarbonate panels in garden Hacks: 10 ideas under $ 100 create! Advice on plants and hardscape materials a diverse plant family, Agaves sculptural! That feels welcoming instead of an illegally high privacy fence. ” great design your! Aug 11, 2014 - Explore Andrea Borg 's board `` SEDONA: landscaping '' on Pinterest desert Oregon! Save my name, email, and plants created by Arizona Living landscaping for Patios the Best yard! Photography by Steve Gunther, courtesy of the blog after all s possible for you to bring appearance. And surrounding area growing up out what fruit trees may grow in your area too!!. Backyard plans a healthy tree that simply snapped at a weak point a... Healthy tree that simply snapped at a weak point during a high gust cactus garden featuring 'mancave!

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