Competition Organiser FAQs


Read the Social 7s Information for Affiliates booklet for details on how to run a Social 7s competition. The content below provides answers to the most commonly asked questions.


What are the benefits of organising a Social 7s competition?

  1. Generate Revenue
    The cost to play Social 7s is $70 per team per game or $10 per game for those who register as an individual, with the Competition Organiser keeping the majority of revenue generated.
  2. Online Registration
    Teams register online prior to the commencement of the competition, providing you with team lists and numbers in advance and removing the hassle of chasing up teams to complete paper work on the day. Competition organisers receive notification when a team registers for their competition.
  3. Participant Insurance Coverage
    Participants are covered by Softball Australia’s Insurance Policy.
  4. Provision of Game Balls
    For each team that registers for your competition, you receive three specially branded Social 7s orange balls.
  5. Flexibility to Play Anywhere
    Social 7s can be played anywhere there is an open space, not just on a softball diamond. Games have been played on football ovals, hockey fields etc. You can also play on the beach or at an indoor venue – anywhere there is a moderate sized space is suitable.
  6. Competition Promotion
    Your competition will be promoted on Softball Australia’s website and social media platforms.


How do I register to organise a competition?

Registering to be a Social 7s competition organiser is fast and simple. Go to the Organise a Competition page, complete the details and your competition is ready to go.


What are the costs for a competition organiser?

Registration is FREE if you are an affiliated club or association.

If you are not an affiliated club or association, there is an annual licence fee of $300 (inc GST).

The competition organiser retains the majority of the revenue generated, with a small portion going to Softball Australia, to cover participant insurance, casual membership fees, game balls and administration costs.


What personnel do I need to run a competition?

Running a competition is simple; you can even do it on your own. The game is easy to organise, with only a small amount of time required to set up the playing field; and it’s also easy to run, with one person acting as a game coordinator to score and adjudicate on close plays.


How long in advance of my competition starting should I register as a competition organiser?

Softball Australia recommends you register as a competition organiser a minimum of six weeks prior to your competition commencing to allow adequate time for promotion.


What equipment do I need and what are the playing field requirements?

A Social 7s game can be run with just a set of bases, a Strike Zone Mat, two cones, fielding gloves, a bat and a ball.

Softball Australia provides Competition Organisers with three specially branded balls for each team that registers to their competition; other items are available for purchase directly from Softball Australia.

Click on the link to view the Social 7s Equipment and Playing Field Requirements – July 2015 Update


What are the playing rules?

Social 7s rules have been designed to provide a game that is fast, fun and easy to play.

  1. The full Social 7s Playing Rules – May 2015 Update
  2. The Social 7s – Abbreviated Rules – May 2015 Update – ideal for new players to provide an overview of the game.



Can the playing rules be changed?

Yes, the playing rules can be changed to best suit your competition and your participants. However, the official Social 7s playing rules will be used at Social 7s competitions run by Softball Australia.


How is the game scored?
A run is scored for each base reached, with a bonus run awarded for a homerun, making Social 7s games high scoring.

A Social 7s Scorecard has been created to make it easy to keep score.


How do teams register for my competition?
After you have registered as a competition organiser and entered your competition details, teams will be able to register to play in your competition from the Register to Play page.


Are participants covered for insurance?

Yes, Softball Australia’s Insurance Policy covers all participants. It is extremely important that all participants, including non-playing officials, are registered through the Social 7s website to ensure coverage extends to them.

For further information, contact Ben Utting at Softball Australia on 03 9417 0022 or